Welcome to the Belfield Elementary School Library. Your Librarian is Mrs. M. Geist.


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Every student will have Library Class as one of their specials at least one day per week. Students will be

given ample opportunity to check out books during their weekly library classes. Students must check in

with their homeroom teacher before they come to the library during homeroom. Students may also come

in on an individual basis during 1st, 6th, or 7th period if they have a signed pass from their teacher.

The library houses a diverse selection of authors and books. Students are encouraged to select

books that appeal to them. The Librarian encourages students to honor parent requests on what

they are permitted to read. Parents are welcome to come in and see the book selections that are available.

This site is maintained by Mrs. M. Geist, librarian at Belfield Elementary, a 5th grade school in Emporia, VA. This wiki is not open for membership, however, feel free to do the activities, link to this wiki and/or make suggestions.